The Founders

The Founders and Chief Operators:
Mosas Pilscheur & Jonas Staub

Track Record

The idea to replace plastic with a mushroom based alternative occurred to us during the summer of 2019 while preparing for matura, the Swiss bachelor test. Everybody was talking  about pollution, environment, global warming….. But little seemed to be actually undertaken to promote a viable alternative for – for example all the packaging waste…..

Jonas had mushrooms on his mind and we both got the idea to put these mushrooms to work and use their enormously fast growing mycelium to productize it into, yes, packaging material. But we needed to prove it somehow and to someone.

A first mini lab was set up in the transformed wine cellar of Mosas home and a couple of month later we could show a small flower pot grown from organic waste and oyster mushroom.

Then we heard of the Swiss Student Sustainability and Start-up Challenges. Sounded like the right thing to try – but we were not even students then. That challenge was overcome by taking two students on board of the project and off we went: and won the First Price for Sustainability and Third Price for Start-up – yeah!

To continue this winning streak, MYCROBEZ applied for the Impact Hub Basel Incubator Program, which provides the winners with place for research, mentors and a very valuable network. We were accepted along with four other start-ups. 

By December 2019 we were all set to start the company with the rewards harvested early on. Mycrobez® is an international trademark by now and we are operating as a limited liability company and have completely overhauled and professionalized our lab and production facility.

Presently we are participating in the „Swiss Innovation Challenge“, with the first pitch waiting in the beginning of June. We strive to keep winning……